What Is Webzed?

by JASON B. SCHULLJUNE 4th, 2019

The big group WebZed Corporation is a business and technology company sub-branching into development, design, art & entertainment company. At Webzed, we mission to empower each life with the technology.

The company was officially found by a computer expert Harris Shahryar in 2010 to develop in-demand applications and computer programs. Being a great business, Webzed officially became one of the most on value companies in 2012 when they newly announced their first advanced security protocol.

The rise of the company

After the official license in 2010 company starts its first private contract in 2011 on a deal of security protocol development.

The First Remote Office (Webzed)

Gaining a good market reputation till 2012, WebZed finally launched the new world-wide release program. During this mission, they acquired license from fourty four countries to open their remote offices in different regions.

In 2015, company comes up with a new updated technology DI2 to create more updated & advanced internet protocols. The company also announces new private limited agency called WebZed Digital for internet entrepreneurship & digital development which made a good strike in the original development of the company.

In 2016, The CEO Webzed Harris Shahryar officially announced the front-map of progress and company's new leadership details in which the formation of four major groups was given to the administration of the company. He also delivered a policy to empower more new businesses & startups each and every year.

With this lucrative development model, Webzed created partnerships and handshakes to establish more startups under the name.

The race to become a brand!

In the early years of success, Webzed gathered investments from different incoporations and private investors. Till this time, the limited public exposure was the main issue in establishing a true value brand. In 2014, company brought up a new model to invest four hours every month towards development of public attration and impressions. This valuable effort generated thousands of valuable work hours relating to leverage brand value.

At Webzed, company has been tracking serious actions that acquired customer interest. Recently, the company finally comes up in partnership with a private advertising agency in United Kingdom to spread the word "#WEBZED" and keep the most transparent information about the subject updated on the social media. Brand converts meaning and constant effort creates value Webzed knows that and are proudly introducing latest public topics in order to leverage audience interest.

Ads you may relate Webzed always have a different strategy. In fact, this advertising mostly relates to attract social awareness rather than to find potential customers – Harris Shahryar.

Webzed Research & Identification Dept.

When Webzed first started observing public interactions and interest the company launched its new Webzed Research & Identification Dept. which was primary to process public feelings & impressions, polls and other happenings around the world. On 2019, the department finally reaches to 14,218 observed polls & surveys. 50,000 business surveys and 18,000 other related surveys & concerns.

The company has still to continue big plans ahead and are in the next step to raise their public stock. In future, the company vision is to participate with bigger category specific industries to develop more opportunities and ease in technology which would help small & big setups to incoporate bringing a new value to the modern world.

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